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Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Awa Giya Than Ma Ha" Sinhala Song Lyric

"Awa Giya Than Ma Ha" Sinhala Song I went and visited places Today, he and pahuveddi I dream Indispensable  Not conceded heart can not believe in two eyes He hæṭī him in your arms The toll itself today still like to remember your heart This sad little breath gave my stay  Who places .....  Your name has been added to the end of my boyfriends name terms That fits my hand to pick you smile We met this day, we come bhavē matchsticks What are you closer, said swelling bhavē says vīlā  Who places .....  Elin sale closer to life like a giant Miss my eyes Have not Found What kind of drawdown Will that make your eyes stop thinking I can not wait to go back, you invisible distance  Who places ..... Artist / s: Gamini Susiriwardana Song

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