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Monday, February 15, 2016

"Aradhana Nethagin Gena (Unuhuma 2)" Sinhala Song Lyric

"Aradhana Nethagin Gena (Unuhuma 2)" Sinhala Song Lyric  Invites the occasion brought Remember to samsara to dehada Brought flowers hide padding on Where are my hiding vista Oya Na golden cheeks wet kiss dalū I close the eyes of heaven you vaḍm  Waiting awaiting way before calm heart My raṇahaṁsi that ēdō Tread on me from heaven nuo I ādarēyine my patiniyani  ~ The hot breath and tears I can not be very deserted So sad memory A'hab I doubt very lives gevenavādō The culmination of over a silver lining A'hab I know you pretty s gone  Calm heart .......  Artist / s: Tehan Perera Song

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