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Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Therum Ganne Kawadada Oba Ma" Sinhala Song Lyric

"Therum Ganne Kawadada Oba Ma" Sinhala Song  When you understand me I always felt guilty seconds You do not know my infatuated I found it one day realize Then if you do not repent If not for me haḍanu Nobody except you now, I do not Got away for riches Do not you love me  Keep me away from this voluminous haḍavā Do not breathing spasms mournful ears Do not let your mind wander Single Do not look for love I gave venakekugen  Understand ......  Do not leave without you World Do not wait until the chest shaft kudos Arbitration to understand if you're wrong Maintain a lifelong love and endless practice,  // Understand ......  Artist / s: Ishan Priyasanka\ Song

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