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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Man Dama Oba Eda Mage Hithin Nikmila" Sinhala Song Lyric

"Man Dama Oba Eda Mage Hithin Nikmila" Sinhala Song  I put my faith then you nikmilā Why are you hiding love left Sihaveddi correspondence that you hide the tears I secretly wiped Nethumini I dannǣnē still matters to separate my faith  Long for you alone from now cling heart was Soyalā mind set going once more walks  Not even a sad heart out for how long If not come back like this more lonely himivuṇē Hora said the CIA and shoes have to suffer the pain Why to avoid the love  Alone unless you ......  Paputurē keep you in the head, I came back as I said, Sænasumayi life has only got one kind of love before dævaṭuṇot Furnishing beyond tomorrow to find my life in̆dinnam But why did I say  Alone unless you ......  Artist / s: Bachi Sussan Song

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